An isotope powered social stream.

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An infinite social stream based on RSS feeds with a MySQL backend.

Hosted Version Coming Soon -

ISW Demo

A video demonstrating the functionality (unfortunately not showing the beautiful CSS3 transitions) can be seen on youtube. As well as on my personal homepage

Officially Supported Networks (Icons/Styles included)

Currently supports the following social networks (however it should work reasonably well with any RSS feed):

  • Google Plus
  • Github
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Stackoverflow
  • Reddit
  • Instagram


Detailed instructions can be found on the wiki.

Database + Server

Create a database (or use an existing one).

Create the archive table.

CREATE TABLE `archived_social_items` (
    `id` varchar(32) NOT NULL,
    `category` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
    `title` text NOT NULL,
    `content` text NOT NULL,
    `link` text NOT NULL,
    `date` datetime NOT NULL,
    UNIQUE KEY `item_id` (`id`)

Modify config.php's mysql settings to point to your database.

Create and/or chmod the cache folder to be writable by your server (755).

Chmod the config file to 640.

RSS Feeds

New feeds can be added to the application by modifying the $apis array in config.php

Your Page

The file demo.php provides a good minimal example of the requirements.

Customizing CSS

  1. Customizing of the actual content boxes can be found in isotope.css
  2. Customizing of specific feed themes can be found in networks.css. Class names are assigned to content boxes based on the key in your $apis variable in config.php


Beta2 (7.29.2012)

  • Updated demo.php to include all necessary markup.
  • Added loader to infinite scroll.
  • Trimmed down README and moved to wiki.
  • Cleaned up infinitesocialwall javascript.
  • Added minified version.

Beta (7.15.2012)

  • Refactored PHP code into one file (and config/libs) for ease of distribution.
  • Added HTML5 Shiv for IE support.
  • Documented adding new services.
  • Updated infinite scroll.
  • Hiding new elements and fading them in (with jquery fallback).
  • Added a license.

Alpha (6.17.2012)

  • Initial implementation.


Dual licensed under the MIT/BSD licenses. Text can be found here.


Utilizes the following libraries:

Icons are from icondock which were released under the "Free to use for whatever purposes" license.