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A port of InteractiveEditor to Python from Giles Bowkett's Utility Belt ruby gem.

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EditREPL is a port of Giles Bowkett's InteractiveEditor component from his ruby gem Utility Belt.

EditREPL allows you to run a terminal based editor inside your REPL session to interactively edit code.

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Installation is easy using either pip or easy_install.

easy_install EditREPL
pip install EditREPL

Basic Usage

To include it in your session, import the module and call the editor function:

import editrepl

After you save, the buffer will be executed in the current REPL context.

Advanced Usage

Can I edit any file?

Yes, just call the editor function with the filename you want to edit.


How does EditREPL choose your editor?

By default it uses the editor defined as your EDITOR environment variable, but if that isn't defined it tries the following editors in order:

["vim", "vi", "emacs", "nano", "pico", "ed"]

Can I change my editor?

To manually set your editor after initialization, supply the name or full path to the executable as follows:

ER.editor = "cli-textmate"

This will create a binding to the function cli-textmate for you to call.

How does it work?

Check out the literate code here or clone the repo and checkout out the docs folder.


By Philip Bjorge

Released under BSD License